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Of all the devices that come through our door, we fix iPhones the most. We’re the iPhone repair specialists in Pensacola. From cracked screens to lost home buttons, we have seen it all.

​Getting your iPhone fixed with us is a very smooth process, even if your touchscreen isn’t. Whichever iPhone you own, whether it be the SE, 11, X, 8, 7, 6s, 6, 5s, 5, 4s, 4, or ever the iPhone 3 — no joke, we still get those from time to time — we will have you and your Apple buddy walking out the same day you come in. 

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Ever wondered how we fix a broken iPhone screen?

This is what goes on behind the scenes when we do iPhone repair. The following is the exact procedure required to replace an iPhone 6 screen.

First, turn off the iPhone (duh). Unscrew the two tiny screws on the bottom of the iPhone – these are the same size screws as every other iPhone. Once the screws are out, use a suction cup to lift the screen just enough to slip a prying tool under the broken screen.

Whether you use a metal or plastic pry tool, be sure to lift on the actual metal frame of the screen. The cracked iPhone screen should be pried around the sides and the bottom of the screen frame since the screen will open up like a car trunk from the top of the phone. Now the guts of the iPhone are visible.

After the broken iPhone screen has been opened…

Look for a small silver-colored metallic plate in the top right corner of the iPhone. There will be five screws in the plate that need to be removed. Take the plate off to reveal clasps connected to little black ribbons. Use a pry tool to detach these clasps. 

Now you have your screen detached.

With an iPhone replacement screen, you will most likely have to move parts from the old screen to the new one. Start with the ear piece: there are three (3) screws that hold another silver-colored metallic plate in place located on the back of the screen, centered at the top. BE SURE TO KEEP YOUR SCREWS ORGANIZEDAfter the plate has been removed, take off the ear piece and the camera with the attached ribbon wires.

To detach the metal plate.

Unscrew the six (6) screws on both sides of the screen. There is also another screw at bottom near the home button. Now you will need to remove the bracket that holds the iPhone home button in place, which has two screws. Once the bracket is detached, pry the connectors off and push the home button from the front to remove it.

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Now we can assemble the new screen.

There’s a good chance that you’ll have to move the plastic brackets from the old screen to the new one. But these pop right out and there’s no need to worry about gluing them down since the ribbon cables will hold them in the correct place they need to be in.

Grab the ribbon cable for the ear piece and put it on the new iPhone screen, lining it up with the little peg near the top. Replace the ear piece over the top of the camera and the proximity sensor. The gold connection points in the ribbon cable will right over the top of the ear piece and the camera will go in its slot. Once the camera is in place, take the back plate and slide it up over the ribbon cable for the the LCD. Line it up with the screw hole in the top right corner.

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